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About Successful Education LLC

Successful Education LLC is focused on promoting a new education paradigm within engineering, appropriately called "Successful Education" and presented in the book by Dr.Tomasz Arciszewski titled "Successful Education:  How to Educate Creative Engineers".

How to Educate Creative engineers
Symposium in Krakow

Our mission:

  • Improve engineering education both in the United States and abroad. We strongly believe that in today's world, all engineering educators should work together and share experiences in order to advance our profession and society as a whole.
  • Use a creative mind of a founder and bring to life several inventions which will improve safety on the roads.

Our main activities:

  • Publishing books, educational materials and articles on engineering education, such as:
  • Translating the book to other languages and lecturing in varieties of countries
  • Providing high-level training for engineering educators and administrators in the USA and abroad
  • Providing consultations in areas such as:
  • Focusing on application of inventions which may have a large impact on safety and well being of people in this country.

About the founder, Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski

Tomasz Arciszewski, Ph.D. is a founder of Successful Education LLC and a tenured professor of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering at George Mason University. He is an interdisciplinary scholar who specializes in inventive engineering, knowledge acquisition, visual thinking in inventive design, and in education. He has a formal background in the areas of structural engineering and mechanics with hands-on design experience in steel space structures and general structural engineering. Dr. Arciszewski has published more than 170 publications, including books, research and technical articles in various journals, books, and conference proceedings publications. Dr. Arciszewski is also an active inventor with patents in Canada, Poland, and the US.

Detailed information about Dr. Arciszewski's research and publications can be found on his website at GMU.


About Michael Sikes

Michael Sikes is an illustrator, painter and licensed tattooist. His studio is located in Old Town Fairfax, Virginia. Michael has prepared 81 drawings for the book Successful Education: How to Educate Creative Engineers. His painting entitled “Inspiration“ was used as the book's cover.
To view more of his work, visit

Michael Sikes - the self portraitMichael Sikes