Successful Education: How to educate creative engineers
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What is Successful Education for Creative Engineers?

Successful Education is a new engineering education paradigm developed by Dr. Tomasz Arciszewski and proposed in his ground-breaking book Successful Education: How to Educate Creative Engineers. Powerful and important, this new paradigm in education proposes that educators take a leading role in the molding and mentoring of students’ creativity, especially in engineering. Today’s students are pushed through standards and common core with little attention to what allows for new inventions and great thinking—the latitude to be creative. Successful Education: How to Educate Creative Engineers is the best resource for gaining competitive edge and moving education over the tipping point. A book is already translated into Chinese and Polish.

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Soft cover 8 ½“ x 11” 195 pages, 2009 and 2013
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Successful Education. How to educate creative engineers

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Why Successful Education: Seven Reasons

  • Lost leadership: Engineers are not leaders in modern societies today because they have lost their ability to generate new inspiring ideas, the key ability of a leader.
  • Lost creativity: Engineers are not trained in how to think creatively, and this has a direct impact on their ability to invent.
  • Shrinking education:  Declining graduation requirements hurt our ability to serve society. It also lessens our competitive advantage with respect to other scientific professions, such as medicine.
  • Outsourcing: As the quality of American engineering education continues to decrease, outsourcing of engineering jobs will increase. This trend may be inevitable when it comes to routine engineering jobs. However, by improving American students´ abilities to think creatively, American engineering design and invention positions can be saved.
  • Legacy: Our future requires that the best and brightest students become engineers. Engineering must attract these students by offering meaningful, challenging and creative careers.
  • Systems perspective: Engineering education is a complex, adaptive system which must evolve in response to feedback coming from its environment
  • TRIZ perspective: Engineering education today has reached a state of maturity. In order to continue its evolution, it must undergo a paradigmatic change.

Who are the readers of the book?

  • All academic administrators and leaders
  • All teachers and academic instructors whose hearts are focused on bringing creativity into their student’s minds
  • All students who want to learn how to be creative
  • Professionals, scientists, scholars and all forward-thinking individuals who value creativity in education and in life

Promotion of the concept of Successful Education

Successful EducationUnderstanding the need to propagate the new paradigm in engineering education Successful Education LLC is giving for free the preprints of the article "Successful Civil Engineering Education" (Arciszewski and Harrison, the ASCE Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, January, 2010). Please, contact us requesting that. We will need your mailing and contact information.

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